The Fusion of Project Management & Sales!
Upgrade the client experience, but retain the power of Pivotal Tracker.

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Sell Additional Services to Existing Clients!
Pitch your add-on services 24/7, automatically while you focus on project management.
Increase profitability & reduce marketing costs by selling more to existing clients.

A Better Client Experience
Give your client only the project information they need.

Use Your Brand
Keep the client coming back to your domain and using your system.

A Better Interface
Reduce the client's learning curve by reducing information overload.

Position Yourself as the Expert
Give the client resources and tools at their finger tips when they need them.

"No other project management system, let's you continuously sell additional services as you manage the project. It's a game changer."

Built on Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker has a lot going for it, but is missing the fine grained control over the client experience that many agencies require. By taking control of the client's project management interface and keeping Pivotal Tracker as your internal system, you get the best of both worlds. A ton of power for you and your team, but simple for the people who need it simple.

You know it's easier to keep a client than to find a new one, right?

How it Works

We've taken Pivotal Tracker to a new level, by adding the best client side features you see in other project management systems (and more) and developing a client facing platform. You get to keep the Pivotal Tracker system you love, and give clients the ease of use and low learning curve they need.

Client Dashboard

Show your client tons of activity with a stream of updates.

Contextual Upsells

Give the client more ways to work with you.


Give your client more value than they were expecting.

Social Media

Get more followers and more likes with social integrations.

Simple Navigation

Give the client what they care about quickly.

Auto Organize

Put Pivotal Tracker stories into client ready language.


Finally! Clients can access all file attachments in one place.


Client only comments separated and formatted more like what they're used to.

Built by project managers for project managers.

How Our Story Progressed

Launched PROJECT buildrr Beta

Worked with Pivotal Tracker's API and their APP Bazaar to see if the market needs a client facing version of Pivotal Tracker.


Developed "PROJECT buildrr"

Realized Pivotal Tracker was too much for many clients to acclimate to quickly, and we built a client facing system that facilitates client communication, but still gives us the power of Pivotal Tracker for internal use.


Adopted Pivotal Tracker

Overloaded and needing to manage projects differently we adapted an Agile PM philosophy and began using Pivotal Tracker.


Picked up the Growth Rate

Hired multiple new people and landed many new clients, facilitating an even quicker build up of baseline systems for rapid custom development.


Added New Plugins

Started with Contacts (CRM), Users, and a WebPage CMS, and added our own Project Management Plugin along with multiple other systems to the Zuha All-in-one platform.


Started the Zuha Project

Looking to streamline website development, we created our own rapid development coding platform based on CakePHP, with pre-built base line systems to start projects with.


Premium support through our ticketing system, and managed forums.

Beta Pricing & Plans
reduced pricing only while limited beta enrollment lasts!


$39 per month

  • You Need
  • 1 pivotal tracker account
  • 1 unused collaborator

  • You Get
  • 1 setup consultation
  • projects
  • collaborators
  • online support
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